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Why Do You Need a Website & Social Media Presence?

Having established the need for a strong digital presence in the contemporary competitive arena, a question that frequently comes up among our prospective clients is whether they should invest in website or a social media account. The short answer is as assertive as it can get: Both!

Although, at first, these two marketing avenues may look like they are overlapping, they are in fact completely different and end up working complementary to each other, and not competitively.

This is how it works
Your website acts as a reference point. It makes your business credible and adds solidity in an ever-changing world. However, it is one-sided and shows everything from your very own perspective, which is perfectly fine, but it also means that it’s not enough.

You also need a more “human” aspect to your business, a place where higher levels of interaction occur, where your customers can get a glimpse of who you really are. And that’s what social media add to the table. But again, relying on social media without a steady focal point is also a bad idea, because you will lack the required reliability in your customers’ eyes.

So, there you have it. Reap maximum benefits from the instruments of digital marketing by owning both a website and an active social media presence.

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Improving Your Digital Footprint Is The Best Way to Grow Your Business. It’s Also Our Specialty.

A strong digital presence in today’s competitive market is as essential as air and water. No company can expect to outperform their competition without ensuring a robust and digital foundation for its infrastructure and services. To say it in the simplest of terms, it doesn’t matter if your products or services are the best in the world unless you have an equally strong presence on the Internet.

But, what does this really mean?

Up until a few years ago, it was enough to have a domain name and a simple HTML website to be considered as “connected.” However, technology is moving forward with huge leaps and being digitally connected nowadays means much more. Indeed, the level of complexity is overwhelming for the average individual. And that’s where we come in.

Duo Squared Technology is Namibia’s most prominent Integrated Digital Services provider. Our cutting-edge technical expertise allows us to offer state-of-the-art, complete services, at the best prices you can find. We handle everything from point zero and deliver an all-inclusive turnkey solution. We will:

  • Design, develop and launch your new website in line with the best international practices regarding content management and SEO
  • Handle all domain registration processes with guaranteed success
  • Transfer and manage your existing website to our servers
  • Build, migrate or host your website and email services, as well as help you run

You are free to choose between our complete turnkey packages or any of the individual solutions that address your specific needs –either way, we excel.

Don’t let your business fall behind. Take advantage of our superior positioning and let us help you boost your revenues with a remarkable digital footprint.

Contact us now at for more information.

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Which MTC Prepaid Package is Right For You?

MTC is the undisputed market leader and its share of subscribers towers over its competitor Telecom Namibia. MTC has a fine collection of postpaid or contract packages to choose from. Despite the advantages of postpaid subscription or contract phones, many prefer to go the prepaid way. The freedom of not being compelled to pay a rental or a minimum amount every month regardless of usage is certainly desirable.

MTC brings to you an assortment of prepaid packages, each of which not only works but offers great value for money. Let us quickly review the MTC prepaid plans or packages that subscribers can choose from.

  • Aweh O-Yeah is a plan that lets the subscribers choose a particular bundle for voice minutes, data, text messages or SMS and separate data usage for social media. By segregating each usage, subscribers get the freedom to cap different types of services being used. Some people use more data while some need more voice minutes. There are many who would still prefer texting so there’s the SMS package by quantity. Social media data usage is bundled separately which helps the social networking enthusiasts.
  • Aweh Super gives you free calls to any national numbers for only N$50.00. There are 700 free minutes, 1500 free SMSs, 350 MB of data for browsing and downloads along with 700 MB of social media data usage.
  • Aweh Prime gives you free calls to any national numbers for only N$30.00. There are 350 free minutes and 700 free SMSs, 200 MB free data and an additional 200 MB for social media data usage.
  • Aweh Gig gets you free calls to any national numbers for only N$30.00. There are 100 free minutes, 700 SMS, 1 GB free data usage and 500 MB for social media data usage.
  • Aweh Go gets you free calls to any national numbers for only N$12.00. There are 50 free minutes, 150 free SMSs, 50 MB free data and an additional 50 MB for social media data usage.
  • T49 allows you to call to any local network for just 38 cents per minute from the first minute during validity period.
  • Tango per Second allows you to pay just for the time you talk to, till the last second. There are no pulse rates or capped times and tariff. You pay 2.5c per second.
  • MTC Traveller gives you the luxury to bring your mobile phone connection from wherever you are travelling and you can use your mobile rates when you are in Namibia.

The free calls to national numbers in the Aweh plans are applicable once for subscribers who migrate.

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What is TN Mobile Jiva & How It Works

Jiva is a product by TN Mobile for its prepaid package customers, and they have recently launched an enhanced version of Jiva with three distinct sub-products namely Jiva, Jiva Plus & Jiva Surf which forms Jiva Family.

Jiva Plus & Surf introduces new features to the Jiva product by giving more data to social media browsing and for the latter allowing limitless surfing between 24h00 to 06h00 AM.

The 500MB on Jiva Plus & Surf, was initially for use with WhatsApp only, but has been improved to include Facebook, Twitter and Viber applications.

The product features are outlined below:

Jiva Jiva Plus Jiva Surf
Minutes 100 100 150
SMS 700 700 1000
Data 1GB 1.3GB 1.3GB
Socialite 500MB 500MB
Night Surfer 24h00 to 06h00
Subscription N$30 N$30 N$40
Validity Permanent 14 March 2016 14 March 2016

This is part of a promotion that will run until 14 March 2016 for Jiva Plus & Surf, as per the advert below.

TN Mobile Comparison tn mobile jiva how works What is TN Mobile Jiva & How It Works Jiva Compare 4 2016


To activate Jiva services, from your TN Mobile prepaid phone:

Jiva Jiva Plus Jiva Surf
Dial *130*776# *130*777# *130*778#


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Tell n Earn: Namibia’s First Affiliate Program!

Duo Squared Technology Web & Email Hosting Banner tell n earn: namibia's first affiliate program! Tell n Earn: Namibia’s First Affiliate Program! web hosting 200x220

Do you know what an affiliate program is? Overall it is a fine combination of referral schemes and networking programs. Normal procedure is that you sign up as an affiliate with a company, promote its products or services, generate leads which when converted gets you a commission. You could call it affiliate marketing or a networking program. The crux of the matter is that you promote a product or service and get paid a handsome commission should anyone referred or redirected by you signs up.

Tell n Earn is one such affiliate program. Unlike generic affiliate marketing programs or affiliate networks, Tell n Earn is a program initiated and managed by a company which is promoting its very own services. You don’t become a part of a network where you are perplexed with a hundred odd products or when you get paid generically. Here, you represent a very definitive service or product to promote and you get paid preset amounts of commission.

Tell n Earn is the affiliate program of Duo Squared Technology. Duo Squared Technology specializes in website development, ICT Services, domain registrations, web & email hosting, graphics design and online branding among others. You sign up for the affiliate program, aptly called Tell n Earn, refer people to the website or more specifically the web & email hosting page and get paid when they sign up. There are three products to be promoted: Starter, Business and Business Plus, which are all for Web & Email Hosting Services. The three products would offer you commissions of N$150, N$225 and N$345 respectively. That is per sign up.

Applying and becoming an affiliate is as simple as filling out a form. It is referring or marketing your affiliate links that you need to focus on. You can spread the word among people you know. You can get your social contacts and people you know on social networks to check out the products. You may be aware of people owning or running sites that need to be updated. You can refer them to the products. You could also launch a larger campaign, with a blog and affiliate links, banners and content marketing campaigns which you can then use to draw a larger audience to the benefits of the products.

You will get all the help you need from Duo Squared Technology. You would get tracking links, web banners and tools. You will get your own dashboard that can be used to manage the affiliate account, to check reports and stats and also to view your earnings.

Tell n Earn is a simple but extremely rewarding affiliate program, so sign up now!

Tell n Earn How It Works tell n earn: namibia's first affiliate program! Tell n Earn: Namibia’s First Affiliate Program! how it works
Tell n Earn How It Works
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Microsoft Office 2016 prices in Namibia

Microsoft Office 2016 microsoft office 2016 prices in namibia Microsoft Office 2016 prices in Namibia microsoft office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 has been out for a little while now in Namibia. In the month since Microsoft did the full-press release for all supported operating systems, we’ve had the opportunity to sit down with this latest edition to the Office family. There is quite a bit to get excited about.

Office 2016 Product Information
In terms of new Office features, one of the first things you’re going to notice is how colorful everything has seemingly become. This has been the design direction Microsoft has been moving towards for the past few years, so it makes sense that the latest Office would reflect this mindset.

When it comes to Office 2016 features, collaboration/partnership is definitely the name of the game.

The emphasis on easy collaborating and business intelligence is obvious right from the get-go. One of the first things you’re going to notice with this latest version is the fact that Microsoft is continuing to develop products that offer a variety of cloud possibilities. Yet at the same time, the newest Office release is very decidedly grounded in remaining something that is best used with a Mac or Windows OS, coupled with the traditional keyboard/mouse combo.

Windows users will want to note that this latest Office release offers the opportunity to create/open/edit/save your file in your cloud, right from your desktop. The ability to co-author projects in real-time through Office Online is also something that is worth getting excited about. The “Tell Me” feature, which is a new search function for commands that can be found in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

You can also utilize Bing to get information straight from the internet. The Mac version of Office 2016 is also worth getting excited about, as it comes packed with a huge assortment of features that are going to be totally unique for Mac users. It would seem as though Microsoft is finally giving Mac fans the Office product they’ve always wanted.

In terms of cloud vs. standalone, it’s worth noting that purchasing the standalone will give you the ability to take advantage of the cloud component. Standalone versions can be purchased for N$ 1645 (Home and Student), N$ 3785 (Home and Business), or N$ 6035 (Professional). Keep in mind features you require.

Microsoft Office 2016

Standalone/Offline Editions

Price Installation Applications Included
Office Home and Student N$ 1645 1 PC or Mac Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote
Office Home and Business N$ 3785 1 PC or Mac Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook
Office Professional N$ 6035 1 PC Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access

For enterprise, non-profit & educational office 2016 requirements, please contact us at sales(at)

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Your Leading Provider For Top Of The Line Samsung Galaxy Devices

Capable of changing how you see and interact with the world around you, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are just what you need. With an incredibly sleek design and amazing functionality, both of these devices can make your day a lot more rewarding. Lets take a moment to look at both of these products in more detail and go over why they are work trading up for or buying. In addition, we will look at your leading supplier of these devices in Namibia.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

The S6 has a streamlined look inspired by artisan metal smiths and glass blowers. A fusion of metal and glass, the S6 is incredibly well designed from the outside providing a workable surface that is larger then the competitors. Along with 64 GB of ram, the S6 as a Single Nano-SIM slot, 2 G GSM, 3G WCDMA, and 4G Lite FDD. In addition, it comes with a number of different UMTS and FDD LTE customizations, allowing for you to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 that works best for your needs.

The S6 Edge takes this experience to the next level with color-code interactions built into the operating system and screen. With the S6 Edge, it has never been easier to see who is contacting you and respond quickly and effectively to them. The S6 Edge also comes with a single Nano-Sim slot, as well as 2 G GSM, 3G WCDMA, and 4G Lite FDD. Beyond that however it offers far more customization and features then its S6 counterpart.

Why You Need To Upgrade or Buy

Simply put, you haven’t experienced smart phones unless you have tried out the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Having learned from previous generations, the S6 line represents the pinnacle of design and ingenuity, mixing what people want and heading in a direction of increased usability. Along with supporting all of the most recent apps and software, the S6 represents the leading edge of smart phone technology.

Your Provider Across Namibia

With a history of providing you with the technology you want and building a reputation across Namibia, we can continue to be your source for everything related to the newest and most exciting tech in the industry. Providing services to all parts of Namibia, we will help you get the technology you deserve.

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Windows 10: The Premium of Free Upgrades, In the 1st Year of Release

Windows 10 windows 10: the premium of free upgrades, in the 1st year of release Windows 10: The Premium of Free Upgrades, In the 1st Year of Release windows 10

Many of those who use Windows 7 or 8, are counting down the days until Windows 10 launches. While some reasons may pertain to the fact that this version looks to be better run and better displayed, many people are not excited necessarily of the features, but more of the cost of the program. Why are they so excited? It is a completely free upgrade. That is right, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for anyone who currently uses Windows 7 or 8, which is a pretty large package to offer for no charge. What’s even more crazier, is not only Windows 10 offered for free for those who have either window versions installed, it is also free for those with pirated versions of the operating system! However Windows 10 is only free up to a year from the date of release and then normal charging will be applied.

What’s The Deal With Windows 10?

Before we get too excited, we should look at what all this upgrade covers. Essentially, for both those who legitimately purchased the version, and for those who pirated a copy of the version, will be given a free upgrade to the Windows 10 version when it launches mid-April. While an official release date of the version has not been publicly made, the excitement and tension is already building for this hotly anticipated version. So far, a couple of the features of Windows 8 have been released, and they seem to be both a call to the past versions and a step into a more modern and sleek direction of windows. Windows 10 start button is going to be in the bottom left hand corner, a difference from the original Windows 8 which is found on the bottom right hand corner. There are also desktop options in which you can display all of your currently pulled up windows or apps in which you can organize to fit on the screen at whatever location you feel comfortable. As an added bonus, with this anticipation and excitement brewing for this free upgrade, Duo Squared Technology has many steals and deals for their customers. The company will also be offering special exclusives upgrade support for both Windows 7 & 8. Duo Squared looks to amp up the excitement for this monumental and impressive free upgrade of Windows 10 for customers and pirates alike!

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Impact of West Africa cable system (WACS) on Namibia

The West Africa Cable System (WACS) is a cable system connecting West Africa with the United Kingdom. WACS is a submarine cable system designed to bring a broadband internet connection to various parts of West and South Africa via the United Kingdom.


The cable system is made up of four fibre pairs that stretch a total length of over 14484 Kilometers. Along the length of the cable network are 14 landing points to connect to the system.

  1. South Africa, Western Cape, Yzerfontein
  2. Namibia, Swakopmund
  3. Angola, Sangano near Luanda
  4. Democratic Republic of Congo, Muanda
  5. Republic of Congo, Matombi near Pointe Noire
  6. Cameroon, Limbe, near Douala
  7. Nigeria, Lekki, near Lagos
  8. Togo, Afidenyigba near Lomé
  9. Ghana, Nungua near Accra
  10. Ivory Coast, Abidjan
  11. Cape Verde, Palmarejo near Praia
  12. Canary Islands, Telde(el Goro) near Las Palmas
  13. Portugal, Sesimbra near Seixal
  14. United Kingdom, Brean near Highbridge

Of these points, 12 of them reside in Africa with 2 of them located in Europe. Additionally the WACS uses a revolutionary two conductor set up consisting of two connections from Europe to West Africa and West Africa to South Africa. This system cuts down on the total voltage needed to operate compared to the traditional single conductor set up.


The overall impact of the WACS is that it will provide affordable, functional  and fast internet to many parts of Namibia and other African countries. These locations originally were serviced with minimal internet capability at best and none at worst. Another major impact is that there are many different companies and even some governments that all own a share of the WACS connection. This means that they have a certain percentage claim on the amount of traffic run though the cable system. This allows them to offer better connectivity and greater access to the goods and services available on the internet.


As mentioned above, many different companies and governments have invested various amounts of money into the construction and maintenance of the WACS project. This means that part of the upkeep and repair of the WACS falls onto the shoulders of these individuals in exchange for being allowed to use the cable network. For instance MTN Group invested around N$1 billion towards the construction of the cable granting them an 11% share of the cables capacity. Additionally these companies will further boost the economies in their area as more people will be needed to operate and maintain their share of the WACS but also to maximize their individual share of the cable network for either commercial or person use.Impact of West Africa cable system (WACS) on Namibia

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What To Expect From Microsoft Office 2016

There is no question that in terms of updates, improvements, and new features, the latest incarnation of Microsoft Office 2016 is going to swing for the fences. Is Office 2016 going to be available for Mac? What are the new Microsoft Office 2016 features going to be? How smooth will the software move between your PC and your mobile device?

All of these are excellent questions to ask. Thankfully, we already know the answers to most of those questions.


Microsoft Office 2016 Features

One of the main things you’re going to need to keep in mind with Office 2016 is that even in terms of the way it has been designed, things are going to be very, very different. For the first time ever, Microsoft is making it clear that the latest incarnation of Office is being designed with a cloud-first/mobile-first mentality. In fact, it would seem that in terms of Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365, the Office 2016 is going to have a significantly diminished role, when compared to what Microsoft hopes to achieve with 365.

By far, one of the most exciting elements about Office 2016 is the fact that it is going to be made available for the Mac. Those who consider themselves to be Mac users who like the Office experience have been waiting a long time indeed for an update. Microsoft has been leaving Mac users out in the cold since 2011, but that’s going to change very soon. Mac users can expect the latest version of Office to have complete support for Retina Displays, and to enjoy a user interface that Microsoft promises to be dramatically improved from the last time around.

In terms of specific features, we don’t know everything just yet. Microsoft is certainly making some big claims for what we will get from Office 2016, when it comes out towards the end of 2015. If you’re curious about how everything with 2016 Microsoft Office is going to play out on tablets, smartphones, and similar devices, it’s worth mentioning again that this version is being geared around mobile and cloud potential. It is also worth noting that devices that will include the upcoming Windows 10 will come with the latest version of Office.

We still have a few more months to go, before Office 2016 is available to the world at large. It is expected that we will get a lot more information on Microsoft Office 2016 at the May 4th Microsoft Ignite conference.

And as usual, Microsoft Office 2016 will be available at your trusted Namibia’s fastest shopping experience online shop.