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Your Leading Provider For Top Of The Line Samsung Galaxy Devices

Capable of changing how you see and interact with the world around you, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are just what you need. With an incredibly sleek design and amazing functionality, both of these devices can make your day a lot more rewarding. Lets take a moment to look at both of these products in more detail and go over why they are work trading up for or buying. In addition, we will look at your leading supplier of these devices in Namibia.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

The S6 has a streamlined look inspired by artisan metal smiths and glass blowers. A fusion of metal and glass, the S6 is incredibly well designed from the outside providing a workable surface that is larger then the competitors. Along with 64 GB of ram, the S6 as a Single Nano-SIM slot, 2 G GSM, 3G WCDMA, and 4G Lite FDD. In addition, it comes with a number of different UMTS and FDD LTE customizations, allowing for you to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 that works best for your needs.

The S6 Edge takes this experience to the next level with color-code interactions built into the operating system and screen. With the S6 Edge, it has never been easier to see who is contacting you and respond quickly and effectively to them. The S6 Edge also comes with a single Nano-Sim slot, as well as 2 G GSM, 3G WCDMA, and 4G Lite FDD. Beyond that however it offers far more customization and features then its S6 counterpart.

Why You Need To Upgrade or Buy

Simply put, you haven’t experienced smart phones unless you have tried out the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Having learned from previous generations, the S6 line represents the pinnacle of design and ingenuity, mixing what people want and heading in a direction of increased usability. Along with supporting all of the most recent apps and software, the S6 represents the leading edge of smart phone technology.

Your Provider Across Namibia

With a history of providing you with the technology you want and building a reputation across Namibia, we can continue to be your source for everything related to the newest and most exciting tech in the industry. Providing services to all parts of Namibia, we will help you get the technology you deserve.

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Will The Galaxy S6 Lift Samsung’s Sales Slump?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Will The Galaxy S6 Lift Samsung’s Sales Slump? Will The Galaxy S6 Lift Samsung’s Sales Slump? samsung galaxy s6 edge tilt

Among the developers of smartphones in the market, Samsung is one of the most well-known to currently make phone models. Among Samsung’s popularity is Apple and Xiaomi, two powerhouse smartphone manufacturers that have made several people into customers, with their latest phone models and expertise in new technology even though Xiaomi being a new entrant in the market. While Samsung has enjoyed its own success, Apple and Xiaomi continue to dominate the market, in USA and China respectively, as the latest models of these companies have sold very well.

This caused Samsung loss of market dominance, however the latest Galaxy models sold well, but not as well as expected. With Samsung gearing up for their latest release, the Galaxy S6, will these phone reassess their dominance in the positional ladder of the market?


Why The Galaxy S6 Might Turn Up The Heat


Samsung was claimed “crowned king of 2014” of mobile phone sells, as it bested out Apple as selling the most phones globally for 2014. This has placed Samsung as the global leader in sales, but Apple sales increased in the last quarter of 2014 as Samsung last quarter sales fell drastically.

The next model, dubbed the “Galaxy S6” looks to improve upon the predecessor, which needs to hit all the right notes in order to convince people to upgrade. Though it doesn’t have a proper release date until April 10, 2015, the hype has already started for this phone, as the minimal features that have been released seem to be momentous and game-changing.

Perhaps the greatest feature of this phone is its wireless charging capabilities, in which the phone can be charged through integrated power that is withheld in the phone’s outer case. This has allowed for wireless charging for the phone, something that is huge for those who are constantly needing their phone while it is charging.

There are other features of both the Edge and standard Galaxy S6, which includes a better camera display that may be dubbed the highest pixel display of any smartphone sold, though these features are still being worked on. The reason Samsung fell behind both Apple and Xiaomi is its lack of differentiation between their previous models (Galaxy S4 and S5), but it seems now Samsung has given a reason to the people to switch to the next model.

With the Galaxy S6 Edge bringing a new display type to the market, might just breathe a new life in the smartphone market and help kick off a new wave which will spell profits for Samsung’s pockets. While it may take some time to make an impact for this year, Samsung might restore its dominance by the end of the year.