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Windows 10: The Premium of Free Upgrades, In the 1st Year of Release

Windows 10 windows 10: the premium of free upgrades, in the 1st year of release Windows 10: The Premium of Free Upgrades, In the 1st Year of Release windows 10

Many of those who use Windows 7 or 8, are counting down the days until Windows 10 launches. While some reasons may pertain to the fact that this version looks to be better run and better displayed, many people are not excited necessarily of the features, but more of the cost of the program. Why are they so excited? It is a completely free upgrade. That is right, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for anyone who currently uses Windows 7 or 8, which is a pretty large package to offer for no charge. What’s even more crazier, is not only Windows 10 offered for free for those who have either window versions installed, it is also free for those with pirated versions of the operating system! However Windows 10 is only free up to a year from the date of release and then normal charging will be applied.

What’s The Deal With Windows 10?

Before we get too excited, we should look at what all this upgrade covers. Essentially, for both those who legitimately purchased the version, and for those who pirated a copy of the version, will be given a free upgrade to the Windows 10 version when it launches mid-April. While an official release date of the version has not been publicly made, the excitement and tension is already building for this hotly anticipated version. So far, a couple of the features of Windows 8 have been released, and they seem to be both a call to the past versions and a step into a more modern and sleek direction of windows. Windows 10 start button is going to be in the bottom left hand corner, a difference from the original Windows 8 which is found on the bottom right hand corner. There are also desktop options in which you can display all of your currently pulled up windows or apps in which you can organize to fit on the screen at whatever location you feel comfortable. As an added bonus, with this anticipation and excitement brewing for this free upgrade, Duo Squared Technology has many steals and deals for their customers. The company will also be offering special exclusives upgrade support for both Windows 7 & 8. Duo Squared looks to amp up the excitement for this monumental and impressive free upgrade of Windows 10 for customers and pirates alike!

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