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Tell n Earn: Namibia’s First Affiliate Program!

Duo Squared Technology Web & Email Hosting Banner tell n earn: namibia's first affiliate program! Tell n Earn: Namibia’s First Affiliate Program! web hosting 200x220

Do you know what an affiliate program is? Overall it is a fine combination of referral schemes and networking programs. Normal procedure is that you sign up as an affiliate with a company, promote its products or services, generate leads which when converted gets you a commission. You could call it affiliate marketing or a networking program. The crux of the matter is that you promote a product or service and get paid a handsome commission should anyone referred or redirected by you signs up.

Tell n Earn is one such affiliate program. Unlike generic affiliate marketing programs or affiliate networks, Tell n Earn is a program initiated and managed by a company which is promoting its very own services. You don’t become a part of a network where you are perplexed with a hundred odd products or when you get paid generically. Here, you represent a very definitive service or product to promote and you get paid preset amounts of commission.

Tell n Earn is the affiliate program of Duo Squared Technology. Duo Squared Technology specializes in website development, ICT Services, domain registrations, web & email hosting, graphics design and online branding among others. You sign up for the affiliate program, aptly called Tell n Earn, refer people to the website or more specifically the web & email hosting page and get paid when they sign up. There are three products to be promoted: Starter, Business and Business Plus, which are all for Web & Email Hosting Services. The three products would offer you commissions of N$150, N$225 and N$345 respectively. That is per sign up.

Applying and becoming an affiliate is as simple as filling out a form. It is referring or marketing your affiliate links that you need to focus on. You can spread the word among people you know. You can get your social contacts and people you know on social networks to check out the products. You may be aware of people owning or running sites that need to be updated. You can refer them to the products. You could also launch a larger campaign, with a blog and affiliate links, banners and content marketing campaigns which you can then use to draw a larger audience to the benefits of the products.

You will get all the help you need from Duo Squared Technology. You would get tracking links, web banners and tools. You will get your own dashboard that can be used to manage the affiliate account, to check reports and stats and also to view your earnings.

Tell n Earn is a simple but extremely rewarding affiliate program, so sign up now!

Tell n Earn How It Works tell n earn: namibia's first affiliate program! Tell n Earn: Namibia’s First Affiliate Program! how it works
Tell n Earn How It Works
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Duo Squared Technology is a Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller

Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller microsoft authorised education reseller Duo Squared Technology is a Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller ms aer

Duo Squared Technology Becomes a Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller

Duo Squared Technology earns distinction through commitment to academic customers.

Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia — September, 08, 2014 — Duo Squared Technology, today announced it has become a Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller (AER), demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft academic customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment. To earn a Microsoft AER authorisation, partners must complete a test to prove their level of academic licensing and market expertise.

Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller microsoft authorised education reseller Duo Squared Technology is a Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller ms aer 300x75The AER program is designed to train participating resellers on Microsoft’s Academic licensing, authorize them to purchase and resell Microsoft Academic licenses, and demonstrate to potential customers that they are approved and knowledgeable academic partners.

Duo Squared Technology offers a wide range of IT related products via our online shop, coupled with expertise in ICT services field enabling us to design, implement, manage and support in various technologies from servers, networks, storage and end user devices. Duo Squared Technology continually strives to improve knowledge and expertise in various technologies so that our client needs can be met.

“This Microsoft AER authorisation shows our commitment and specialism in the academic IT marketplace and demonstrates our knowledge of Microsoft and its academic products,” said Ben Ipinge, Consulting Director. “We hope to accelerate our academic customers’ successes by serving as technology advisors for their IT requirements.”

“By becoming AERs, partners show themselves to be committed and trained in providing discounted Microsoft academic products to the education market,” said Anthony Salcito, vice president of Education for Microsoft Corp.’s Worldwide Public Sector. “This authorisation, along with our other education partner initiatives, gives our partners recognition of their areas of expertise and our academic customers the confidence that they are buying from academic IT specialists.”

The Microsoft AER Program is designed to authorise and equip organisations that deliver academic products and services through the Microsoft platform with the training, resources and support they need to provide their customers with superior experiences and outcomes.

Duo Squared Technology is a Windhoek, Khomas region based company that provides ICT services & products including an online shop and web & email hosting services to SME’s, NGO’s, Educational Institutions and other related organisational entities. Since 2011, Duo Squared Technology has consistently been supporting various small and medium enterprises in keeping their IT infrastructure performing optimally and occasionally executing their IT related projects. Duo Squared Technology is a Namibian owned company.

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Importance of Branding & Technology Company Support

Duo Squared Technology is an all in one Solution Company, located in Windhoek Namibia, focused on providing sharp brand, web design, web and email hosting solution which makes the most of each resources in our customer’s budgets.

Our Capabilities

A strong brand is highly recommended in the present business environment. As a matter of fact, a powerful brand is a strong business tool which is important for success. A lot of companies are facing high competition. To set apart from the rest, companies need to place themselves as being better, different and smarter.

In order to become successful in today’s aggressive marketplace, you have to clearly communicate what is exceptional regarding your brand. We, at Duo Squared Technology will assist customers tell their brand story in a process which sets it apart, and make it remarkable from the rest. From sound technique to compelling graphics and one brand voice, we get the essence of the business and bring the company to life.

We can will consider and take care of all the vital factors which comprise the company platform, messaging and positioning, corporate identity and logo design as well as an implementation in the comprehensive range of marketing and sales materials. You should be wiser, better and different. We could make you so.

Web and Email Hosting
Our web and email hosting service permits you to make and design your site without writing one line of the code and for or seasoned users, the choice of upstream their own design or to utilize scripts like WordPress is available always.
Moreover, our hosting projects are all Search Engine Optimization friendly and let the main search engine like Yahoo, Bing and Google crawl as well as index your site with ease.

Web Design
We have been designing websites for many years now. We have seen lots of things that come and go on the web, and we always keep our feet on the ground and attentive to the latest development in the world of website design. We concentrate on developing websites which are made as well as coded beautifully.

We understand the website is no longer on the PC or desktop. Our company place a big emphasis on the responsive design that makes sure that browsers get the mobile experience as much as possible, regardless of what device they are using.

Why Choose Us?
Our company understands that your company is different from anybody else’s and your branding needs differ as well. You need the highest ROI. The solitary way to obtain this is getting the personal attention, original thinking as well as careful consideration you deserve.

We are here to provide the resources needed to know craft as well as communicate your business’s value and story. We have proven and tested expertise in web design, branding, email hosting, as a matter of fact, we are the leading all in one solution in Namibia as of this moment and we work to be better every day.

We quickly take hold of the details of all industry – our knowledge takes account of professional services. We are developed for one good reason – to dedicate our time, energy and talent to our beloved clients that appreciate the importance of intelligent communications and would like to grow their company.

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Domain Registration in Namibia

domain registration in namibia Domain Registration in Namibia Domain Registration

The society has evolved tremendously in the last 30 years and one of the main things that changed millions of lives all over the world is surely the Internet. It allows people to connect with each other and find all the information they need in a matter of seconds. The Internet has also changed the way businesses sell their products and connect with clients, as a company can set up an ecommerce shop and connect with its clients via social networks.

The best way to get an identity online for your business is by getting a domain name. This is basically an identification string that allows users to find you and your products faster in the online world. Usually, a domain name is representative for the content you can find on the website, but for a business user it should always include the name of the company, as part of the branding process.

Domain names are very important for any company because they tell your clients the type of services or products you bring to the table or it will strike curiosity into their minds, enticing them to visit the website. Once you register a domain you must also have a hosted website that comes with a numerous address which visitors can access. The domain and IP are stored in a common database and, when visitors enter the domain name into a browser, the latter initiates a search for the associated IP address which in the end will lead to the website.

By registering a good domain name you can get a lot of traffic, and if you continue by adding good content on your website and providing the best services, you will surely get a high increase in the profit margin. If you choose to register a domain for your business you will also give it a professional appearance, you will be able to promote your services a lot better and you will also make a great investment that will surely pay off in the future. Domain names are inexpensive but their benefits are tremendous for any type of business, no matter the field of work.

When it comes to domain registration, transfer or renewal there’s no better option than Duo Squared Technology, especially in its primary market Namibia. With lots of experience in domain name registration and management, the company provides state of the art services that are always expanded in order to satisfy the ever growing needs of any client. What’s more, they are one of the few companies that provide complete support for the gTLD domains that were introduced lately, which makes them the perfect team to partner with if you need state of the art domain registration with support for the latest technologies.

In addition, Duo Squared Technology also brings a real time domain checker that allows you to find and park those domain names you want in a matter of seconds. Remember that a good domain name can bring your business a lot of profit in the long run, so choose carefully. By choosing a domain name at Duo Squared Technology you will be able to take advantage of the reliability and efficiency of one of the major domain registration companies you can find on the web.

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Shop Online in Namibia

Are you an avid technology geek? Perhaps you’re the kind of person who keeps up with latest products on the market to keep up with latest technologies. Thankfully with the progression of ecommerce technology we’re able to have these items at a click of a button from the comfort of home. This can be great in the fact it makes for convenient shopping, also allowing you to browse through the products and get a great look at each product before buying.

Namibia has one such great online shopping experience, the best in the country. The shop is easy on the eye, easy to navigate, easy to browse offers and many great products such as smartphones, the latest smartwatches on the market, all products that are PC related and many more fantastic related items such as TV’, routers and even a huge range of software related items.

You can find great bargains for you business on these software items such as antivirus and even business process software related solutions which can help you streamline you business. And you can rest assured that only original items are sold from the biggest and trusted brands. So if you’re looking for a great bargain why not check out and treat yourself to a nice gadget today, or perhaps get something to streamline your business. Enjoy Namibia’s best shopping experience.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 available in Namibia

Samsung Galaxy S5 Namibia Buy Online Samsung Galaxy S5 available in Namibia Facebook 1200x1200 Buy

Its official, the wait is over. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in Namibia at Duo Squared Technology (Duo2) online shop.

The new Galaxy S5 is coming packed with standard & new features that surely continue to excite Android and Samsung fans alike. The camera is updated to enable you to get better and improved picture quality, and the SHealth tracker is perfect for those who have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 includes a crystal clear 1920×1080, 5.1” full high definition (FHD) Super AMOLED with pixel density of 482 ppi. No other smartphone before it had such display experience and has the fastest display response time currently on the market.

The processor is a 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 with 2GB RAM and 16 or 32 GB of onboard storage and an additional 128 gigabytes of extra storage can be added via micro SD. Galaxy S5 comes installed with android 4.4.2 (KitKat)

Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in white and black with 16GB onboard storage to buy online at Duo Squared Technology online shop. When you buy online the phone will be delivered to your home or office.

Not to forget, the phone is IP67 certified, meaning that its water and dust resistant which vastly improves the appeal and usability.


Facebook_1200x1200-Buy Samsung Galaxy S5 Namibia Buy Online Samsung Galaxy S5 available in Namibia Facebook 1200x1200 Buy 300x300

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Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives to Namibia

Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives to Namibia Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives to Namibia Facebook1200x1200 Pre order

Samsung and android fans across the world and in Africa specifically are rejoicing at the expectation of the new Samsung Galaxy s5, the phone maker’s flagship smartphone.

It has been a while since Samsung produced a new model, so this is the perfect timing with the winter indoor season approaching, and the phone will make a great companion under the comforters.

The new Galaxy S5 is coming packed with standard features that android fans know and love. The camera is updated to reflect user’s love for pictures and video, and the SHealth tracker is perfect for those who have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 includes a crystal clear 1920×1080, 5.1” full high definition (FHD) Super AMOLED with pixel density of 482 ppi. No other smartphone before it had such display experience and has the fastest display response time currently on the market.
The best feature that many have been desperate for in a smartphone is the IP67 certification. This means the Samsung Galaxy s5 is virtually impervious to foreign matter such as dust and moisture. Now, users can feel free to swim or play in the water with their phones, perfect to catch action shots above and below the surface.

The processor is a 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 with 2GB RAM and 16 or 32 GB of onboard storage and an additional 128 gigabytes of extra storage can be added via micro SD. Galaxy S5 comes installed with android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
“Samsung Galaxy s5 comes with a host of new features that are pushing the smartphone bar higher in comparison to close competitors. The performance improvements also enables the user to get more things done on the phone, without annoying lags,” said Ben Ipinge, Consulting Director at Duo Squared Technology.

The smartphone is currently available in black and white with 16GB on-board storage capacity.

The phone’s release date is 1st May, but pre-order is available online via Ipinge notes that the interest for Galaxy S5 has been steadily growing as seen on the facebook page post response on its facebook page

“Water resistance feature is great addition to an already great smartphone, as you can drop your phone into the pool, toilet or puddle and nothing happens to it” said Ipinge.

Interested customers are encouraged to pre-order online as soon as possible so they can be one of the first to experience the exciting new technology and will be delivered on their doorstep once available.

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Duo2: Introduction

Windhoek, with more and more businesses creating an online presence, Duo Squared Technology provides services that make the process easier. Established in 2011, Duo Squared Technology Specialist cc is a wholly Namibian owned business. Duo Squared Technology not only assists Namibian SME businesses, with innovative services and products, but its positioning itself to compete internationally. Duo Squared Technology is on the way to becoming a “one-stop”, “all angles covered” service, as well as an open source centered company that takes part in innovative technologies that aims to improve the efficiency of small businesses.

According to the business, in order provide competitive pricing for our products and services, “We concentrate on using open source systems that have grown reliable over the years and can be trusted to run production environment, as its being shown in a number of leading technology companies.”

As reported, they launched an online shop with “best online shopping experience” in the country, comprising of electronics for business and consumers alike. Agreements have been secured with top brands to offer customers the best products on the market, and the company ensures that all orders are speedily delivered to customers either at home of their office. Duo Squared Technology also offers ICT services, competitively priced domain registration, web and email hosting services.

On the topic of customer service, Duo Squared Technology states “We are able to assist the customer in planning, design, implementation, training, support and overall consultation in no particular order.” Duo Squared Technology ensures proper customer support.