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What is TN Mobile Jiva & How It Works

Jiva is a product by TN Mobile for its prepaid package customers, and they have recently launched an enhanced version of Jiva with three distinct sub-products namely Jiva, Jiva Plus & Jiva Surf which forms Jiva Family.

Jiva Plus & Surf introduces new features to the Jiva product by giving more data to social media browsing and for the latter allowing limitless surfing between 24h00 to 06h00 AM.

The 500MB on Jiva Plus & Surf, was initially for use with WhatsApp only, but has been improved to include Facebook, Twitter and Viber applications.

The product features are outlined below:

Jiva Jiva Plus Jiva Surf
Minutes 100 100 150
SMS 700 700 1000
Data 1GB 1.3GB 1.3GB
Socialite 500MB 500MB
Night Surfer 24h00 to 06h00
Subscription N$30 N$30 N$40
Validity Permanent 14 March 2016 14 March 2016

This is part of a promotion that will run until 14 March 2016 for Jiva Plus & Surf, as per the advert below.

TN Mobile Comparison tn mobile jiva how works What is TN Mobile Jiva & How It Works Jiva Compare 4 2016


To activate Jiva services, from your TN Mobile prepaid phone:

Jiva Jiva Plus Jiva Surf
Dial *130*776# *130*777# *130*778#


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Jiva & Super Aweh Aweh: A Head To Head Comparison

The telecommunications industry in Namibia is dominated by two players, MTC and Telecom Namibia. MTC is presently the market leader with more than two million active subscribers. Telecom Namibia along with its acquired brand of TN Mobile presently has a little less than half a million active subscribers. Both the brands have been aggressive over the last few years, especially with its launch of 3G and 4G connectivity as well as phone and data plans. The two brands have similar plans across various categories, two of which are Super Aweh Aweh and Jiva. Here is a head to head comparison of Jiva from Telecom Namibia and Super Aweh Aweh from MTC.

The Offers

Here’s what Telecom Namibia’s Jiva has to offer:

1GB free data, 100 free minutes of talk time and 700 free SMS

Here’s what MTC’s Super Aweh Aweh has to offer:

2GB free data, 700 free minutes of talk time and 1500 free SMS

The Cost

Jiva charges N$30 and Super Aweh Aweh charges N$50.


Both, Telecom Namibia’s Jiva and MTC’s Super Aweh Aweh are valid for 7 days.

The Head To Head Comparison

Jiva and Super Aweh Aweh are different plans with the same validity. They are charged differently and naturally the benefits are also different. However, for a head to head comparison, let us compare the value for the dollar. We shall do this by considering what you may get from Jiva if you spend equivalent of Super Aweh Aweh or from Super Aweh Aweh if you consider the charge of Jiva.

At N$30, Jiva is offering 1 GB free data. For you to get 2 GB of free data, you would end up paying N$ 60 with Jiva plan, if there was such a provision. With Super Aweh Aweh, you are getting 2 GB free data at N$ 50. Clearly, Super Aweh Aweh is a better plan for those who need 2 GB data but those who are happy with 1 GB will find the Jiva to be more economic.

At N$ 30, Jiva is offering 100 minutes of talk time and 700 SMS whereas at N$ 50, Super Aweh Aweh is offering 700 free minutes and 1500 SMS. Super Aweh Aweh is way better than Jiva in terms of the minutes of talk time but the increase in the SMS count is almost proportional to the increase in price.


Super Aweh Aweh offers much more value for the dollar than Jiva. However, those who need very little data and make very few calls and SMS would be better off with Jiva.