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Which MTC Prepaid Package is Right For You?

MTC is the undisputed market leader and its share of subscribers towers over its competitor Telecom Namibia. MTC has a fine collection of postpaid or contract packages to choose from. Despite the advantages of postpaid subscription or contract phones, many prefer to go the prepaid way. The freedom of not being compelled to pay a rental or a minimum amount every month regardless of usage is certainly desirable.

MTC brings to you an assortment of prepaid packages, each of which not only works but offers great value for money. Let us quickly review the MTC prepaid plans or packages that subscribers can choose from.

  • Aweh O-Yeah is a plan that lets the subscribers choose a particular bundle for voice minutes, data, text messages or SMS and separate data usage for social media. By segregating each usage, subscribers get the freedom to cap different types of services being used. Some people use more data while some need more voice minutes. There are many who would still prefer texting so there’s the SMS package by quantity. Social media data usage is bundled separately which helps the social networking enthusiasts.
  • Aweh Super gives you free calls to any national numbers for only N$50.00. There are 700 free minutes, 1500 free SMSs, 350 MB of data for browsing and downloads along with 700 MB of social media data usage.
  • Aweh Prime gives you free calls to any national numbers for only N$30.00. There are 350 free minutes and 700 free SMSs, 200 MB free data and an additional 200 MB for social media data usage.
  • Aweh Gig gets you free calls to any national numbers for only N$30.00. There are 100 free minutes, 700 SMS, 1 GB free data usage and 500 MB for social media data usage.
  • Aweh Go gets you free calls to any national numbers for only N$12.00. There are 50 free minutes, 150 free SMSs, 50 MB free data and an additional 50 MB for social media data usage.
  • T49 allows you to call to any local network for just 38 cents per minute from the first minute during validity period.
  • Tango per Second allows you to pay just for the time you talk to, till the last second. There are no pulse rates or capped times and tariff. You pay 2.5c per second.
  • MTC Traveller gives you the luxury to bring your mobile phone connection from wherever you are travelling and you can use your mobile rates when you are in Namibia.

The free calls to national numbers in the Aweh plans are applicable once for subscribers who migrate.

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What is TN Mobile Jiva & How It Works

Jiva is a product by TN Mobile for its prepaid package customers, and they have recently launched an enhanced version of Jiva with three distinct sub-products namely Jiva, Jiva Plus & Jiva Surf which forms Jiva Family.

Jiva Plus & Surf introduces new features to the Jiva product by giving more data to social media browsing and for the latter allowing limitless surfing between 24h00 to 06h00 AM.

The 500MB on Jiva Plus & Surf, was initially for use with WhatsApp only, but has been improved to include Facebook, Twitter and Viber applications.

The product features are outlined below:

Jiva Jiva Plus Jiva Surf
Minutes 100 100 150
SMS 700 700 1000
Data 1GB 1.3GB 1.3GB
Socialite 500MB 500MB
Night Surfer 24h00 to 06h00
Subscription N$30 N$30 N$40
Validity Permanent 14 March 2016 14 March 2016

This is part of a promotion that will run until 14 March 2016 for Jiva Plus & Surf, as per the advert below.

TN Mobile Comparison tn mobile jiva how works What is TN Mobile Jiva & How It Works Jiva Compare 4 2016


To activate Jiva services, from your TN Mobile prepaid phone:

Jiva Jiva Plus Jiva Surf
Dial *130*776# *130*777# *130*778#


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Jiva & Super Aweh Aweh: A Head To Head Comparison

The telecommunications industry in Namibia is dominated by two players, MTC and Telecom Namibia. MTC is presently the market leader with more than two million active subscribers. Telecom Namibia along with its acquired brand of TN Mobile presently has a little less than half a million active subscribers. Both the brands have been aggressive over the last few years, especially with its launch of 3G and 4G connectivity as well as phone and data plans. The two brands have similar plans across various categories, two of which are Super Aweh Aweh and Jiva. Here is a head to head comparison of Jiva from Telecom Namibia and Super Aweh Aweh from MTC.

The Offers

Here’s what Telecom Namibia’s Jiva has to offer:

1GB free data, 100 free minutes of talk time and 700 free SMS

Here’s what MTC’s Super Aweh Aweh has to offer:

2GB free data, 700 free minutes of talk time and 1500 free SMS

The Cost

Jiva charges N$30 and Super Aweh Aweh charges N$50.


Both, Telecom Namibia’s Jiva and MTC’s Super Aweh Aweh are valid for 7 days.

The Head To Head Comparison

Jiva and Super Aweh Aweh are different plans with the same validity. They are charged differently and naturally the benefits are also different. However, for a head to head comparison, let us compare the value for the dollar. We shall do this by considering what you may get from Jiva if you spend equivalent of Super Aweh Aweh or from Super Aweh Aweh if you consider the charge of Jiva.

At N$30, Jiva is offering 1 GB free data. For you to get 2 GB of free data, you would end up paying N$ 60 with Jiva plan, if there was such a provision. With Super Aweh Aweh, you are getting 2 GB free data at N$ 50. Clearly, Super Aweh Aweh is a better plan for those who need 2 GB data but those who are happy with 1 GB will find the Jiva to be more economic.

At N$ 30, Jiva is offering 100 minutes of talk time and 700 SMS whereas at N$ 50, Super Aweh Aweh is offering 700 free minutes and 1500 SMS. Super Aweh Aweh is way better than Jiva in terms of the minutes of talk time but the increase in the SMS count is almost proportional to the increase in price.


Super Aweh Aweh offers much more value for the dollar than Jiva. However, those who need very little data and make very few calls and SMS would be better off with Jiva.

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Data Offering, Reason To Buy Telecom Namibia’s 4G Products

As we continue looking into Namibia’s broadband offering’s, we ran into a new discovery that will assist you in making a decision in terms of which broadband service provider gives you the best option for your dollar.

We analysed 4G broadband products between Telecom Namibia and MTC, and in summary its clear that Telecom Namibia offers the best 4G products head to head. Looking at the entry postpaid 4G offerings, MTC’s Netman 4G Extreme is priced at N$399 per month for 5GB free data & 5GB double-up data, whilst Telecom Namibia’s LTE 10GB is priced at N$398 per month for 10GB free data & 5GB double-up data.

At the end of the entry postpaid 4G contract, you would have spend in total, for MTC’s Netman 4G Extreme N$9794 for 120GB free data & 120GB double-up data, whilst for Telecom Namibia’s LTE 10GB N$9727 for 240GB free data & 120GB double-up data. In perspective, for Netman 4G Extreme it will cost you approximately N$40.81 per GB, whilst for LTE 10GB N$27.02 that’s a 66% more data for your money with Telecom Namibia.

The trend continues in most of the packages, were it looks as if you’ll spend the same amount of money in total but holistically with MTC you get less data. MTC is sneaky in maximizing profit. Below is a summary of the packages, with additional info:

Product Subscription Download Speed Free Data Out-of Bundle Rate Double-Up Data Connection Fee
Netman 4G Extreme N$399 50Mbps 5GB N$0.90 5GB N$218
Netman 4G Unlimited N$999 100Mbps Unlimited NA FUP – 50GB N$218
Netman Home 4G N$599 100Mbps 10GB N$0.50 10 GB N$218
Netman Home 4G Unlimited N$999 100Mbps Unlimited NA FUP – 50GB N$218


Telecom Namibia

Product Subscription Download Speed Free Data Out-of Bundle Rate Double-Up Data Connection Fee
LTE 10GB N$398 100Mbps 10GB N$0.80 5GB N$175
LTE   Unlimited N$998 100Mbps Unlimited NA FUP – 90GB N$175
Hotspot N$998 100Mbps Unlimited NA FUP – 90GB N$175
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Website Development: Unity Energy and Mining Resources

web design development logo design branding namibia Website Development: Unity Energy and Mining Resources Horizontal PNG Small

Looking for a website company in Namibia or world over that is expert in web design, branding, email hosting and more? Look no further than Duo Squared Technology! We are experts in developing state of the art websites in order to increase your traffic and at the same improve the return of investment.

When designing a website, it is very important to opt for an expert web design company. Duo Squared Technology is an all in one solution Namibian company that can help you address all your issues pertaining web design, branding as well as web and email hosting. Below is the review of one our customers, Unity Energy and Mining Resources.

Unity Energy and Mining Resources website is one of our masterpieces. This website is meticulously and perfect crafted. Unity Energy and Mining Resources website is developed with one thing in mind; this is to give thorough information about the services and their advantages. What makes this website apart from the rest is the fact that it has a clear interface which is also easy and simple to navigate. All the information is delivered clearly to allow browsers to know exactly and instantly the services they offer. ‘

Unity Energy and Mining Resources website comes with five landing pages placed on the top of the screen. This is to allow browsers or visitors get the information they needed about the company. The landing pages are relatively responsive and informative.

All the required information such as the address, contact number, partners and other are also integrated on the lowest part of the website. The graphics are made clearly and properly so as to guide browsers to the services they want to know and the best part about this website is the simplicity of the design. Duo Squared Technology made this website with a simple design on the other hand it is very striking, user friendly and complete with the information to deliver to the customer or browsers the services the Unity Energy and Mining Resources website provide.

Why Choose Us?
Our company understands that your company is different from anybody else’s and your branding needs differ as well. You need the highest ROI. The solitary way to obtain this is getting the personal attention, original thinking as well as careful consideration you deserve.

We are here to provide the resources needed to know craft as well as communicate your business’s value and story. We have proven and tested expertise in web design, branding, email and web hosting, as a matter of fact, we are the leading all in one solution in Namibia as of this moment and we work to be better every day.

We quickly take hold of the details of all industry – our knowledge takes account of professional services. We are developed for one good reason – to dedicate our time, energy and talent to our beloved clients that appreciate the importance of intelligent communications and would like to grow their company.

If you want a remarkable website like Unity Energy and Mining Resources website, then you have to look for a reliable web design company.