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Tell n Earn: Namibia’s First Affiliate Program!

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Do you know what an affiliate program is? Overall it is a fine combination of referral schemes and networking programs. Normal procedure is that you sign up as an affiliate with a company, promote its products or services, generate leads which when converted gets you a commission. You could call it affiliate marketing or a networking program. The crux of the matter is that you promote a product or service and get paid a handsome commission should anyone referred or redirected by you signs up.

Tell n Earn is one such affiliate program. Unlike generic affiliate marketing programs or affiliate networks, Tell n Earn is a program initiated and managed by a company which is promoting its very own services. You don’t become a part of a network where you are perplexed with a hundred odd products or when you get paid generically. Here, you represent a very definitive service or product to promote and you get paid preset amounts of commission.

Tell n Earn is the affiliate program of Duo Squared Technology. Duo Squared Technology specializes in website development, ICT Services, domain registrations, web & email hosting, graphics design and online branding among others. You sign up for the affiliate program, aptly called Tell n Earn, refer people to the website or more specifically the web & email hosting page and get paid when they sign up. There are three products to be promoted: Starter, Business and Business Plus, which are all for Web & Email Hosting Services. The three products would offer you commissions of N$150, N$225 and N$345 respectively. That is per sign up.

Applying and becoming an affiliate is as simple as filling out a form. It is referring or marketing your affiliate links that you need to focus on. You can spread the word among people you know. You can get your social contacts and people you know on social networks to check out the products. You may be aware of people owning or running sites that need to be updated. You can refer them to the products. You could also launch a larger campaign, with a blog and affiliate links, banners and content marketing campaigns which you can then use to draw a larger audience to the benefits of the products.

You will get all the help you need from Duo Squared Technology. You would get tracking links, web banners and tools. You will get your own dashboard that can be used to manage the affiliate account, to check reports and stats and also to view your earnings.

Tell n Earn is a simple but extremely rewarding affiliate program, so sign up now!

Tell n Earn How It Works tell n earn: namibia's first affiliate program! Tell n Earn: Namibia’s First Affiliate Program! how it works
Tell n Earn How It Works