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What To Expect From Microsoft Office 2016

There is no question that in terms of updates, improvements, and new features, the latest incarnation of Microsoft Office 2016 is going to swing for the fences. Is Office 2016 going to be available for Mac? What are the new Microsoft Office 2016 features going to be? How smooth will the software move between your PC and your mobile device?

All of these are excellent questions to ask. Thankfully, we already know the answers to most of those questions.


Microsoft Office 2016 Features

One of the main things you’re going to need to keep in mind with Office 2016 is that even in terms of the way it has been designed, things are going to be very, very different. For the first time ever, Microsoft is making it clear that the latest incarnation of Office is being designed with a cloud-first/mobile-first mentality. In fact, it would seem that in terms of Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365, the Office 2016 is going to have a significantly diminished role, when compared to what Microsoft hopes to achieve with 365.

By far, one of the most exciting elements about Office 2016 is the fact that it is going to be made available for the Mac. Those who consider themselves to be Mac users who like the Office experience have been waiting a long time indeed for an update. Microsoft has been leaving Mac users out in the cold since 2011, but that’s going to change very soon. Mac users can expect the latest version of Office to have complete support for Retina Displays, and to enjoy a user interface that Microsoft promises to be dramatically improved from the last time around.

In terms of specific features, we don’t know everything just yet. Microsoft is certainly making some big claims for what we will get from Office 2016, when it comes out towards the end of 2015. If you’re curious about how everything with 2016 Microsoft Office is going to play out on tablets, smartphones, and similar devices, it’s worth mentioning again that this version is being geared around mobile and cloud potential. It is also worth noting that devices that will include the upcoming Windows 10 will come with the latest version of Office.

We still have a few more months to go, before Office 2016 is available to the world at large. It is expected that we will get a lot more information on Microsoft Office 2016 at the May 4th Microsoft Ignite conference.

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