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Why Do You Need a Website & Social Media Presence?

Having established the need for a strong digital presence in the contemporary competitive arena, a question that frequently comes up among our prospective clients is whether they should invest in website or a social media account. The short answer is as assertive as it can get: Both!

Although, at first, these two marketing avenues may look like they are overlapping, they are in fact completely different and end up working complementary to each other, and not competitively.

This is how it works
Your website acts as a reference point. It makes your business credible and adds solidity in an ever-changing world. However, it is one-sided and shows everything from your very own perspective, which is perfectly fine, but it also means that it’s not enough.

You also need a more “human” aspect to your business, a place where higher levels of interaction occur, where your customers can get a glimpse of who you really are. And that’s what social media add to the table. But again, relying on social media without a steady focal point is also a bad idea, because you will lack the required reliability in your customers’ eyes.

So, there you have it. Reap maximum benefits from the instruments of digital marketing by owning both a website and an active social media presence.

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