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Domain Registration in Namibia

domain registration in namibia Domain Registration in Namibia Domain Registration

The society has evolved tremendously in the last 30 years and one of the main things that changed millions of lives all over the world is surely the Internet. It allows people to connect with each other and find all the information they need in a matter of seconds. The Internet has also changed the way businesses sell their products and connect with clients, as a company can set up an ecommerce shop and connect with its clients via social networks.

The best way to get an identity online for your business is by getting a domain name. This is basically an identification string that allows users to find you and your products faster in the online world. Usually, a domain name is representative for the content you can find on the website, but for a business user it should always include the name of the company, as part of the branding process.

Domain names are very important for any company because they tell your clients the type of services or products you bring to the table or it will strike curiosity into their minds, enticing them to visit the website. Once you register a domain you must also have a hosted website that comes with a numerous address which visitors can access. The domain and IP are stored in a common database and, when visitors enter the domain name into a browser, the latter initiates a search for the associated IP address which in the end will lead to the website.

By registering a good domain name you can get a lot of traffic, and if you continue by adding good content on your website and providing the best services, you will surely get a high increase in the profit margin. If you choose to register a domain for your business you will also give it a professional appearance, you will be able to promote your services a lot better and you will also make a great investment that will surely pay off in the future. Domain names are inexpensive but their benefits are tremendous for any type of business, no matter the field of work.

When it comes to domain registration, transfer or renewal there’s no better option than Duo Squared Technology, especially in its primary market Namibia. With lots of experience in domain name registration and management, the company provides state of the art services that are always expanded in order to satisfy the ever growing needs of any client. What’s more, they are one of the few companies that provide complete support for the gTLD domains that were introduced lately, which makes them the perfect team to partner with if you need state of the art domain registration with support for the latest technologies.

In addition, Duo Squared Technology also brings a real time domain checker that allows you to find and park those domain names you want in a matter of seconds. Remember that a good domain name can bring your business a lot of profit in the long run, so choose carefully. By choosing a domain name at Duo Squared Technology you will be able to take advantage of the reliability and efficiency of one of the major domain registration companies you can find on the web.